The Apple Watch is the first time I deliberately bought the very first of something by Apple. I waited on the second iPhone before buying it. I waited on the third Mac Pro and the third iPad before buying. But this time, I was all in on Apple’s foray into a new market.

As a consultant, I found it difficult to recommend the watch to people. Would it really make you more productive? I explained the watch to clients by saying “The Apple Watch fixes a lot of first world problems.” It will help you not miss those important calls and texts. You can quickly reply back via text or voice to get back to what you were doing. The different watch complications allow you to glean a lot of information quickly. 

Now, I’ve found my watch to be incredibly practical. I love fitness tracking. I have a watch face that tells me the date, weather, sunrise/sunset, my appointments, and even the time! Apple Pay is faster than cash and I’m even getting into the breathing app. I also have something I can wear anywhere whether working out or going out. The Apple Watch went from “Fixing first world problems” to being a life tool.